Fixing Spirit World

As promised, we have fixed the major problems with the Spirit World adventure, and now cuties are steadily returning home.

Some even bring back goodies:

Picture Clayton Crypto aka Dragon Food shared on Telegram

The Witch has now opened the portal back from the Spirit World, but there is a catch. The portal is rather narrow.

The fact of the matter is, that tens of thousands of cuties have rushed to the adventure.

Imagine them swinging their little weapons and grabbing rewards! Adorable! But now they are all queueing to get back home. More than ten thousand cuties at the moment!

The narrow portal can send about 15 cuties back per minute. And that is obviously not fast enough.

When we designed this, we had concerns about over-farming. No one wants to see every other cutie in an epic bone armour, right?

Okay, maybe someone does.

And this cautiousness brought us to where we are today. Stuck with an enormous crowd of cuties queuing to get out of the Halloween adventure.

And we are determined to fix it.

To be entirely honest with you, cutieneers, we are a small team that constantly tries to push boundaries and create something new. And sometimes we don’t get a perfect result on the first try. So we greatly appreciate your patience. Thank you for sticking with us until we make the game perfect for you!

What happens next?

To resolve this bottleneck and not to keep you waiting for your cuties, we plan to make some changes to the whole mechanism behind the Halloween adventure.

We are going to set a separate cooldown for the Spirit World adventure, so you can breed, sell, take part in boss raids and other adventures while your cutie rests from the spooky experience.

And of course, we will speed up the process of your cuties returning home.

Thank you again for being patient with us! We hope you will enjoy the rest of the event and get yourselves some well-deserved rewards.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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