Fox Tribute Cuties Everyone Forgot About

Foxes for sale
🐉Cutie 120632 LadyMary by Dragon Food

You can breed famous foxes

All these foxes are some eight or hundred and eight breeds away.

Mr. Hood

Lady Mary could use a friend. This fox inspired by a hero of a Disney’s classic is one of the most detailed and bright tributes we have ever made.

Mr. Fantastic

If you want to breed a more sophisticated gentleman, you can try breeding Mr. Fantastic.


Alternatively, if you are more into giggling real-life inspired foxes, you can go with Juni.

It would be wonderful to see them in-game. We hope you will discover your brand new famous fox soon.

Check our wiki for a few pointers on genome and breedings. Check out this postto make your first steps in breeding tribute Cuties.

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