Gear Rush: Cutie NFT And Item Market Overview

Welcome to your weekly market overview!

In this post, we will discuss Cutieland’s latest market trends, stats, and facts.

As Cutieland’s Halloween event engages more and more players, new crafting recipes, Cuties, and challenges have already left a mark on the game’s tokenomics.

Items market continues its astonishing growth. Cutieneers are selling more and more crafting ingredients but cut back on pet NFTs.

Market Supply

During the previous week:

  • 7 544 (↓ 6%) new item lots containing 44 738 656 (↑ 116%) items appeared on the items market
  • 967 new Cuties appeared on the pets market — ↓ 20%

Lately, the supply of Cuties is boringly stable. It fluctuates around one thousand Cuties for some time. Meanwhile, the items market keeps growing, jumping, and falling.

You can see the overall week by week supply trends below:


Supply: Items market

The supply on the items market decreased. Even though the relative fall was only 6%, it affected some categories in a major way. For example, the supply of new weapons dropped by almost 26%. Other victims were accessories (↓ 17%) and bracelets(↓ 18%). The only category that grew was lootboxes (↑ 15%).


In terms of rarities, there was a slight decrease for most except for set items that grew by 4%.


The top ten most popular items to list for sale were:

  1. Adventure Potion — 997 new lots on sale
  2. Magic dust — 432 new lots on sale
  3. Regular Toolkit — 209 new lots on sale
  4. Marble — 193 new lots on sale
  5. Blue Override Subway Station Card — 181 new lots on sale
  6. Mercury — 157 new lots on sale
  7. Pine — 147 new lots on sale
  8. Cloth Hanger — 128 new lots on sale
  9. Cable — 115 new lots on sale
  10. Capacitor Supply Crate — 111 new lots on sale

Supply: Crafting ingredients and season items

2 072 new lots containing 100 424 crafting ingredients were listed on the market. That’s a decrease of 10% in the number of lots compared to the week before.

Most ingredient rarities remained in stable supply, but common (↓ 21%) and epic (↓ 17%) items were listed a lot less.

The most frequent new offers on the market are:

  1. Marble — 193 lots listed
  2. Blue Override Subway Station Card — 181 lots listed
  3. Mercury — 157 lots listed
  4. Pine — 147 lots listed
  5. Full Scuba Oxygen Tank — 110 lots listed

And the rarest are:

  1. Mad Scientist Boar Token — 1 lot listed
  2. Corrupted Eireen Holms Token — 2 lots listed
  3. Rotten Nutritionist Dog Token — 2 lots listed
  4. Faomori Soldier Token — 3 lots listed
  5. Devin Dos Of Sanctum Token — 4 lots listed

Supply: Cutie NFT market

Cutieneers decided to hold on to their Cuties. This trend impacted supply on all of the game’s blockchains.

Most of the species experienced a decline in new offers. The species that remained in stable supply were foxes, pigs, and rabbits. The biggest cuts in supply happened for cats (↓ 40%) and dogs (↓ 42%).

There was a reduction in supply that affected tribute (↓ 36%) and regular (↓ 17%) rarities.

Market Demand

During the previous week:

  • 519 Cutie NFTs got sold on the pets market — ↓ 18%
  • 3 231 lots (↑ 1%) containing 6 724 120 (↑ 41%) changed hands

During the season, the appropriate gear is more important than a Cutie’s attributes. None of the season adventures have elemental properties, so the Cutie trade suffers a downturn as a result.

You can see the overall week by week sale trends below:


Demand: Items market

Last week, most of the item trade remained on TRON. TRON experienced some growth while other blockchains showed a slowdown.

  • EOS — 790 item lots sold with an average price of (↓ 4%)
  • MATIC — 317 item lots sold with an average price of 0.2 (↓ 34%)
  • NEO — 268 item lots sold with an average price of 0.02 (↓ 13%)
  • TRON — 1856 item lots sold with an average price of 27 (↑ 17%)

There’s increased demand for elixirs (↑ 10%), while other categories remain more or less stable.

There is also an increase in demand for uncommon items (↑ 13%). This category keeps growing.


Overall turnover keeps growing. The most dramatic increases are seen in unique, common, legendary, and unique item types.


The most bought items during the last week were:

  1. Adventure Potion — 756 lots sold
  2. Magic dust — 154 lots sold
  3. Blue Override Subway Station Card — 122 lots sold
  4. Marble — 113 lots sold
  5. Regular Toolkit — 93 lots sold
  6. Mercury — 89 lots sold
  7. Grand Adventure Potion — 86 lots sold
  8. Pine — 86 lots sold
  9. Power Cable Supply Crate — 83 lots sold
  10. Full Scuba Oxygen Tank — 75 lots sold

Demand: Crafting ingredients

Last week, 972 lots (↑ 1%) containing 6 724 120 crafting ingredients (↑ 41%) were sold on the market.

It seems that the preferred items lots have significantly grown in size.

Rare (↑ 16%) and uncommon (↑ 24%) ingredients have grown in popularity. Meanwhile, epic ingredients went back on their last week’s growth but retained an upward trend.


Overall TRX turnover stabilized. There’s growth for all rarity types except for the rare.


The most bought season items during the last week were:

  1. Blue Override Subway Station Card — 122 lots sold
  2. Marble — 113 lots sold
  3. Mercury — 89 lots sold
  4. Pine — 86 lots sold
  5. Full Scuba Oxygen Tank — 75 lots sold

Season items that generated the most sales in TRX were:

  1. Tech Specs: Vol 3–3 lots sold for 1491 TRX
  2. Full Scuba Oxygen Tank — 62 lots sold for 1249.23 TRX
  3. Tech Specs: Vol 2–5 lots sold for 1035.02 TRX
  4. CyberletterToken — 1 lot sold for 800 TRX
  5. MeadofPoetry — 10 lots sold for 598 TRX

Demand: Cutie NFT market

Most Cuties were sold on EOS and TRON.

  • EOS — 254 Cuties sold (↓31%)
  • MATIC — 18 Cuties sold with an average price of 7.5 (↓40%)
  • NEO — 9 Cuties sold with an average price of 0.1
  • TRON — 238 Cuties sold with an average price of 128 (↑1%)

There was a decrease in demand for most Cutie kinds.

Gen 1 remains the most popular, along with LVL 2 and LVL 3 Cuties.

The sales of tributes and uniques increase. Meanwhile, regular Cuties face a setback after the growth of the previous week.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s overview. Stay tuned for more!

See you on the market, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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