Hello There 2019

2019 welcomed us with a storm of issues and challenges. Even though the good thing to do would be to relax a bit after the hard year’s work, we closely monitored the situation and worked on finding solutions.

No one told us that pioneering and producing huge updates will be easy. We welcome the challenge and don’t let setbacks bring our spirits down. As the saying goes:

The only place free of problems is the cemetery

So in the name of fighting on and going to the moon, our new year’s resolution includes the following:

  1. More transparency — even though nothing is hidden on the blockchain, we would like to be even more forthcoming to our community. So that there are no unexpected market changes or policies that you might feel surprised about.
  2. Perfecting TRON integration — we are running on three blockchains and this is already a huge challenge to face. And in the coming weeks, we will make sure that everything runs smoothly and all the bugs are exterminated.
  3. Even more things to play with and enjoy — Blockchain Cuties already has one of the richest gameplays in the space of crypto collectibles, but we believe that more is more. And in 2019 we will bring you even more new things to enjoy.
  4. Better player experience— as we started to get attention from people new to crypto, we realized one important thing. Blockchain Cuties is a very complex game. You need to know a lot of things just to get in on the fun. In 2018 we made an important step towards an easier experience by introducing our own game wallet. And in 2019 there are a lot more steps we will take to make new players feel super welcome.
  5. Less clicking — batch selling and easier adventuring is on its way!
We believe that 2019 will be huge for the cutieneer community and we will do our best to make it so.

Thank you for being such a gorgeous community and we hope you will continue this journey to the moon with us.

Cutieneers, we wish you an awesome 2019!

Blockchain Cuties team is sending all our love your way.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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