Hot off the keyboards! — Hotfix for 1.40.2

G’day Cutieneers!

The Raid update was launched and we’ve been working tirelessly on fixes for some bugs that sneaked through!

The login screen was going nuts! We managed to calm it down with some code treats. Now it works properly after a successful login.

My Market page has been infused with more features! Here is what we did:

  • The Cuties and Item subpages have been added separating the two.
  • Filters have been added.
  • Clicking on items icon on “My Market” will lead to Market Page of the said item.
  • When on a specific item’s Market page — you can sell the item right there if you have any of the kind. Less clicking! Yay!

Speaking of filters — The page issue has been fix where players could not go through pages of specified filters, instead it used to remove filter rulesets and just go to the page of the notifications.

CuteCoin notification has been fixed — now the pending transactions are shown correctly.

And finally, fixes made for the raid boss battles and adventures:

  • The evasion bug has been patched.
  • Tweaks and Layout fixes have been done to the Raid boss battle reports.
  • Additional “Bot” fighter tweaks have been implemented. They are tougher now.
  • Added current cutie’s element stats according to adventure element for ease of sending out little ones to the right one.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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