How To Get Items From Adventures

Hundreds of cuties venture into Cutieland’s adventure sites. Little heroes search for experience, glory, and treasures.

While the first two goals are quite straightforward, the treasure part keeps player’s guessing. And people want to know the exact mechanics behind treasure finds.

And it’s fair because trading items and upgrading cuties is a huge part of the game.

So far each adventure has some information on items that can be found there:

Items found in Wasteland adventure

But what exactly does it mean and how is the prize chosen?

Also, there is a big question about cutie’s drop chance bonus.

Does it mean that each percentage in the table is increased? But how exactly?

And what kind of magic do we need to get the rarest loot instead of red potions and bracelets?

All these and many more questions will be answered tomorrow in our Pawedcast.

On Blockchain Cuties (BC) weekly Pawedcasts you can find out the latest news on game’s development, ask questions, propose something new and just hang out with other cutieneers and BC team members.

Joy, Blockchain Cuties game designer, will come forward and explain everything about adveture drop rates.

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Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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