How To Send 50 Cuties On Adventure In 5 Seconds

Cutieneers, we have lived to see it happen! Finally, someone came forward to save us from all the endless clicking.

The news is that:

VeRychard, community’s modder and an epic legendary cutieneer, has added auto-sending to the Dark Cuties Mod!

Now the dark mode not only saves your eyes, but your clicks too. And it is completely free.

With Dark Cuties browser extension you can send up to 50 cuties to the Christmas adventure in a couple of clicks.

This is something this community has been praying for!

How does it work?

  1. Download the extension here:
  2. Activate it in your browser and refresh the game’s page

3. Go to the adventure tab and sort your cuties by “Least cooldown left”

4. Look through the page and pick those cuties you don’t want to send out and mark them with the 🚫 button

5. Time to push the button!

6. Once it gets your player ID, it’s party time! Send them all out!

7) Admire the result below the button and in the notifications tab

Cutieneers, this mode is truly amazing.

Thank you so much VeRychard, for making everyone’s life so much easier. You saved the cutieneer community thousands of clicks.

You can get all the details on the mod here:

And if this amazing farming tool is something you’ve always wanted in your life, you can express your gratitude and pay for VeRychard’s next cup of coffee:

ETH — 0xa1C299326473983C303eEbb76E0cb062857Cd9Cb
TRX — TC1eGkJYxKzj4F4adQ5V2c65836YkbVtmp

Time to get all the Christmas loot!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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