Important Update: Creator Pricing Mechanisms Changed

In Blockchain Cuties we have three creator accounts that sell gen 0 cuties. One for each of the game’s blockchains.

Creator accounts generate gen 0 cuties and release them to the ETH, EOS and TRON cutie markets.
Latest cuties from ETH Creator

Previously both TRON and ETH creators had fixed top and bottom prices and sold their cuties on a descending auction.

Typical auction for a TRON gen 0
ETH cuties started with the price of 0.3 ETH going down to 0.1 ETH while TRON ones went from 2500 to 800 TRX.

This policy seemed to be dictating the top price for a cutie limiting the player’s options on the market.

Recently the price formula was updated to a more flexible model

Now all (ETH, EOS and TRON) creators base their start prices on the average price of the last five creator cuties they were able to sell on the market.

The new formula is:

Start Price = average of last 5 gen 0s by pet kind and nobility status * 150%
All creators will still use descending auctions and keep their minimal prices.

This is designed to allow for more flexible prices and more market power to be shifted to the players.

Cutieneers, we hope that you will find this change useful and it will help you make the most out of the market.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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