Join Blockchain Cuties! We Have Dragons

Cutieneer community has been crazy about dragons for some time.

We have custom dragons, presale dragons, and even a raid boss dragon.

Those epic creatures have a certain je ne sais quoi and everyone wants one.

While it’s rather easy to get yourself a ready-to-slay dragon. Breeding the dragon strength into a regular cutie is a different story.

There are several dragon attributes in the game:

  • DragonBody
  • DragonHead
  • DragonLike
  • DragonScale
  • DragonTail

It is a great challenge to breed all of them at the same time in a single cutie. And the first complete dragonlike was bred by Jewel.

🔥Dragonlike🔥(G) 4/-2/4 (4) by Jewel
Congratulations to Jewel the Breeder of Dragons!

Dragon attributes are quite strong, so many cutieneers wanted their cuties to have them.

Not many have noticed that we had an undercover arms race in the dragon-loving part of the community. People bred for pure dragons and extreme strength.

When we saw those lizard’s win to lose ratio it felt a bit like looking at major dragon threat.

Just look at those stats!

Check out this lizard of great power by Jewel

(8) Sp/a8 G : 12/6/2 ? by Jewel

And another formidable one by PhadeOut

HellKite Great Wyrm by PhadeOut

This only proves that Blochain Cuties is not a game of chance and with enough strategy, you can get yourself a super strong cutie.

Congratulations Jewel and PhadeOut on your breakthroughs!

It looks like breeding is becoming more and more serious.

Do you think we should invent another set of epic attributes to keep up the challenge?

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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