Join The Fight Club

Isn’t it annoying when your cutie gets stuck on an adventure?

The best of us get mad seeing their cutie endlessly looking for a foe.


The good solution, in this case, is to ask someone else to send their cutie of similar power level to the same adventure. So there is a chance they will find each other and you will get your hero back home.

However, it doesn’t always work, because cries for help can drown in other chat discussions. Or you might feel a bit out of place asking people for a fight in a public setting.

When there’s a need, there’s a solution. And the underground cutieneer movement represented by Cynicallia the Mother of Gators is here to help.

Please welcome the unofficial Blockchain Cuties Fight Club.

The 1st rule of Fight Clubs is canceled. Please join and tell every cutieneer you know.

No more stuck cuties!

Another cool thing about the Fight Club is that getting back your cutie is not the only thing you can do there. Cynicallia gave everyone several bloody good ideas.

In this underground club you can :

  • Ask for help when stuck
  • Get a play date
  • Invite someone to dance
  • Make or demand sacrifices
  • Go savage!

We are not 100% sure what all this Fight Club lingo means, but you can find this out on the grounds.

Join the Fight Club, if you dare.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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