Join The Valentine’s Day Event, We Have Chocolate

Happy Valentine’s day, cutieneers! We wish you lots of love, excitement, and romance throughout the year.

We hope that our Valentine’s day event will make this day even more special. Because where else love is more celebrated than in Blockchain Cuties? Everyone breeds with everyone here. Well … except for siblings. But the rest goes. Cutieverse is so full of love it expands nonstop.

Valentine’s day event is already live on the website, so you can cut to the chase and see everything for yourself here:

or stay here for an overview.

Special adventure

We have prepared a special adventure for cuties searching for love and chocolate.

Land of Upendo

There are some delicious prizes involved.

Available now!
Available once community achievement threshold is reached
Aaahahaha, I just found out about the robes and fluffy towels! I’m in stitches here 😆 Great stuff 😄 — Govert, Lovely Cutieneer

Valentine’s Day special cuties

There are two unique cuties that you can add to your cutie family during the event.

Craftable Pig of Love

Craft this lady out of chocolate that you can get in the Land of Upendo adventure.

Available here

Unique Cupid Cat

This cat can be bought for 10 premium tickets available for sale here.

Available here

There are challenges that result in contribution rewards

Spread love throughout Cutieland and claim your rewards!

You get contribution points by sending your cuties on adventures. Each adventure has a different number of contribution points that you get for participating. Once you gained enough points you can claim your reward on the contribution rewards page.

The coolest reward is a set VS angel’s wings for your cutie.

Ready for the runway

Can’t wait to see who gets them!

Breeding illuminati special challenge

For each cutie you help to enter the cutieverse during the event, you get closer to revealing never seen before tribute cutie genomes.

3 tiers of crazy breeding!
It is an individual challenge. The more cuties you breed the more information you uncover.
Good luck, Cutieneers! We hope you will enjoy the event.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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