Kaspars Accidentally Revealed The Truth About Cuties

We are working hard on the Culieland narrative. We even recently discussed the three great cutie creators.

The whole thing was a bit evangelical. Like Creators were gods and cuties were genderless angels of the world. Nice, pretty and innocent.

Well, all of this fell apart in yesterday’s Telegram chat. People were discussing the historical pieces of code, when Kaspars the Coding Magician dropped a truth bomb about the Elixirs of Life.

He said:

For you to keep in mind now and forever — those are called “viagra” in code ;)

And we were like:


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No one was ready for that.

Cutieneers, how do feel knowing that we were feeding our cuties viagra all this time?

Important update

After this article was published, things got even more interesting. Another hidden gem in the game’s code came to Light.

Cos my internet in miserably slow I already knew that :) It says viagra in the circle before the potion picture loads in. Didn’t notice it say cocaine for the adventure potions though. — Ashe Black, Fellow Cutieneer

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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