Kote sold for 2 000 000 TRX

Cutieneers, we are over the moon. Almost no one believed that this will happen, but it did.

TRON’s Kote found a new home!

It happened last night and we are SHOOK. We are super grateful and amazed that such things can even happen.

Kote is our most beloved baby and now he is out in the world!

Kote by Spigfun

The new owner of Kote is Spigfun, a fellow cutieneer with a super impressive collection of uniques.

Honestly, it is hard to find words to express how we feel about receiving this kind of support.

Thank you so much, Spigfun, for believing in and supporting Blockchain Cuties!

The sale of Kote is also the first ever land sale in the game. And Kote’s land is the most lucrative in Cutieland.

Art from Cointelegraph

We thought we will hold this info until the presale, but in order not to sell the cat in a bag here is some insight on Kote’s real estate.

Kote comes with the land in his blockchain’s capital. This means that there are some serious bonuses involved.


This is a piece of land in the capital of one of the empires. It gives the owner the right to vote and be voted for as the king.


Having real estate in the capital will give a major bonus to:

  • Acquiring resources
  • Researching technologies
  • Gathering armies
Congratulations Spigfun! You are the first land owner in the entire Cutieverse.

Cutieneers, can you believe that this actually happened? Tell us what you think in the comments!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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