Making History

Cutieneers, we are excited to announce one of our most coveted cooperations this year. We wanted this since the beginning of summer and now, a few months later, we are here.

Blockchain Cuties are integrating with TRON!

TRON is one of the greatest innovators in the blockchain universe and we love the fact that we get to join forces to bring our community a bigger market to play on and a better experience.

TRON did a great job at solving major scalability and speed issues. And their network is growing fast.

So are Blockchain Cuties getting greater, bigger, faster and stronger? Yes! We have a lot of system improvement coming soon.

We see TRON not only as an opportunity to bring new users, but as a future of all decentralized applications and especially games — Vladimir Tomko, CEO Blockchain Cuties

This cooperation is one of the biggest we have ever done.

There will be new content.

There will be better performance.

And, most importantly, there will be two awesome giveaways!

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Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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