Mass Sending Is Now Available in Dark Mode

Cutieneers, we all have been waiting for the update that would remove the need to click through every cutie you have in order to send your army out on adventures.

It is not yet ready on the official site, but our valued mod maker VeRychard has already developed an auto-sender solution in the game’s dark mod.

Dark mod is a free browser extension that is gentler for the eyes and has several useful features that you can use whle playing. You can download the extension here:

Dark Cuties Mods v 0.9.42 update includes a premium feature that allows sending all your cuties on adventures in one click. It is a very advanced tool that offers a lot of flexibility.

Using VeRychard’s auto-sender you can:

  • Send cuties to an adventure where they are most likely to win
  • Send cuties on adventure of highest possible level
  • Send cuties on a specific adventure of your choice
  • Exclude cuties you don’t want to send
  • Exclude all level 1 cuties

This feature is available for a fee that depends on the number of cuties you have. Basically, the more time you will save the more you will have to pay for it.

As it is an external mod, so you will have to reach out directly to @VeRychard on Telegram for support or other queries you might have. All the details on mod’s updates and some other very useful info are available on Blockchain Cuties tips and tricks Telegram channel.

An auto-sender feature from our team will be available in the coming month free of charge. Therefore it is your choice whether you want to start mass sending now or wait for an official launch.

Thank you VeRychard for your efforts to improve the lives of other cutieneers! We hope you will have great success with your auto-sender.

Cutieneers, what do you think? Will you go dark premium or choose to wait?

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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