Matchmaking adjustments v1.69

Hi guys! In the last patch notes, I forgot to mention the new matchmaking formula, that is now used to calculate the overall power of cuties to match them in battle.

First, let's look at the history of the matchmaking formula. Initially, when the game was released it had its first iteration.

  • First iteration — back then there was a dice roll bonus and power bonus that users could receive from items;
overall power = power + dice roll bonus + power bonus

It had its flaws and we moved to a system that gave us a lot more freedom, so luck, evasion, attack and defense were introduced, and dice roll bonus was removed.

  • Second iteration — introduction of attack, defense, evasion and luck. Removal of power bonuses from items. All old items which previously had power bonus or dice roll bonus were transformed to attack/defense bonuses;
overall power = power + attack + defense + luck(int)/2 + evasion(int)/2

Overall this formula worked fine, although one of our veteran players ChakraFox pointed out the flaw — cuties with high power were too overpowered, as power was counted only once in the matchmaking formula. A fast adjustment was made to the formula:

overall power = power * 2 + attack + defense + luck(int)/2 + evasion(int)/2
  • Third iteration — introduction of elements;
overall power = power * 2 + attack + defense + luck(int)/2 + evasion(int)/2 + overall elemental power (used in adventure)

When this was introduced overall power of unique and tributes were nerfed and once the elements were introduced the matchmaking formula got updated once again. Although it left an out of balance elemental powers, as now they weren’t equally used in power calculations.

  • Forth iteration — balance adjustments for matchmaking formula;

After a lot of feedback received from our players ,it was time to adjust the matchmaking formula once again. This at the moment is the final version:

overall power = power * 1.6 + attack + defense + luck(int)/4 + evasion(int)/4 + overall elemental power * 1.5 (used in adventure)

What does the new matchmaking formula imply on the meta? Here are some important points about the changes.

  1. cuties with high power got buffed by 20%. This means that unique cuties, tribute cuties and other cuties with high power are now 20% stronger;
  2. luck and evasion got a boost of 100%, this could lead to a potential luck / evasion builds done by players;
  3. elements got nerfed by 50% — this change was necessary as some users were using naked cuties and would slam over other cuties with high elements. This change still leaves the high elemental cuties strong (thus the meta of breeding high elemental cuties doesn’t really change), but it gives a fighting chance to other cuties that are not the higher element ones.

Cutieneers, what do you think? Feel free to start a discussion in Telegram or Discord and post a comment here in Medium about what you think of the recent matchmaking changes!

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