MetaMask: Not As Untraceable As You Thought

Today several news sources reported on a privacy issue in MetaMask.

MetaMask is the most popular browser extension that our players use to access Blockchain Cuties on Ethereum blockchain.

The issue was recently submitted at GitHub by the user projectoblio. They stated that MetaMask is broadcasting user ETH addresses to third parties.

This means that your browsing behavior can be tracked through the ETH address you use in Metamask.

Even transferring ETH between accounts still links you back to your last known identity (which is linked to your MetaMask account) and can be used to change your rates on employment opportunities, health insurance, loan risk factors, etc based on your proclivities or health metrics. — projectoblio on GitHub

There were also concerns that platforms like Amazon, Google, and PayPal can potentially link your blockchain transactions to your credit card payments and you identity. There is also a risk of exposing the last person you transacted with.

According to projectoblio this privacy concern can negatively impact the long term value of ETH.

What can I do about it?

MetaMask has a privacy mode that is designed to hide your ETH address unless you give the Dapp your consent to view it.

It is not enabled by default, so to use it you will have to expand your MetaMask window.

Enter the settings menu by clicking on your account picture.

And then manually enable the privacy mode.

There is still a debate on whether this mode completely ensures your privacy.

The MetaMask team promised to focus on improving the privacy aspect of their service in the future.

Cutieneers, are you concerned about privacy issues in crypto?

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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