New Adventure Awaits

Cuties are super brave. They are scouting and adventuring the most dangerous places in Cutieland.

From Windy Hills to the Blood Moon Forest and raid boss caves our fearless little heroes fight for loot and glory. And now destiny is ready to throw them a new challenge.

Cutieland is facing major changes

And this is not going to be easy, cutieneers. Prepare for rough climate, scarce resources, brutal enemies and great music on the radio.

Please welcome The Wastelands!

It is going to be a tough adventure for the most daring and experienced of cuties.

But how did it come to be there?

The wise old cutie on the edge of the wasteland can tell you a story:

Cutieland was a peaceful place. Place of love and great adventures. Even the raid bosses lived in peace with cutie masters. But this peace was disrupted suddenly.
A horrible noise drew attention of cuties to the sky. Massive fireballs appeared in the clear blue sky and with a massive force hit the ground creating an explosion that destroyed everything in its path. There were some who saw it with their own eyes, but most felt it like a sudden earthquake.
Local town and forest got destroyed by the blast. When the smoke cleared only ruins and burned trees were left. No living thing survived the blast.
There were hundreds of metal pods on the ground which seemed to be the ones who created the massive fireballs. From these pods, large metallic creatures appeared creating chaos.
The peaceful world was disrupted by the newcomers. No cuties care about the raid bosses anymore — everyone just wants to draw these metallic creatures out of their cutie world and restore peace!
No one knows who are these newcomers and why are they here. The full story is up to you to discover.

Then the wise old cutie will cough and give you some witty remarks to remember on your way to the wastelands.

Get ready, cutieneers! And good luck in the wastelands.
This new adventure will be added tomorrow.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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