New Dark Cuties Mods Update

Blockchain Cuties team works hard. But VeRychard works harder.

Following Blochain Cuties tips and tricks Telegram channel we found out that the Dark Cuties Mods had a major update.

Dark mod is a free browser extension that is gentler for the eyes and has several very useful features. You can download the extension here:

Our favorite aspects of the new v0.9.60 are:

Cutie birthday notifications

There will be a notification on the cutie page when the cutie has their birthday. How cute is that? Adorable!

Adventures to level up

Want to finally join the Tavern adventure? Or experience the raids or other perks the high-level cuties get?

Now you will know how much more your cutie has to adventure to get there! Sometimes it will be motivating other times you might want to consider some experience boosting gear for your cutie.

Marks of excellence

If the cutie ranks 6 or higher on their elements their element badge will be marked with a golden circle like so:

Super useful for browsing the market for new warriors.

Power measurements

If you are still a bit confused about the battle power aspect of the cuties, you will love this one. Now you can see cutie’s base matchmaking power right next to their cooldowns.

Base Match making power = power*1.6 + attack + defense + evasion/4 + luck/4

You can learn more details about the update here:

Thank you VeRychard for your awesome work for this community!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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