New Race Has Landed

Cutienners, today is the day for a big announcement.

The time for answers has come!

We finally got a very clear picture of an alien without its power armor helmet. Prepare yourselves, because this is shocking.

You would not believe what they were hiding all this time

A completely new species has entered Cutieland!

But why did they emerge out of the shadows only now?

Obviously Professor Needles has helped with that. And the other important reason is the Chinese New Year celebration.

All this time the aliens were preparing their big entrance to Cutieland.

The piglets are cheerful and generous cuties. So as a new year’s present they are bringing a red packet for every cutieneer.

Red Packet — it’s a red envelope Chinese give out in Chinese New Year to their friends, families and colleagues. These envelopes usually come with a wishes of happiness and prosperity.

And this is just the beginning!

We have prepared even more exciting new things for you to enjoy.

It will involve new “currency” and a new unique cutie.

Piglets will be released on the market this week. Just in time for the Chinese New Year celebration!

Stay put, cutieneers! You don’t want to miss the next update.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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