New Rare Attribute Discovered

Attributes are similar to cutie building blocks or things you would say to a person drawing a police sketch.


The interview with a victim would look something like this:

— What was the perpetrator like, madam?
 — It was a serious looking reptile. Quite moisty, I might add.
 — Interesting. What color were its eyes?
 — Obviously it had ruby eyes and a happy smile, officer. It stole my stash! Also, it had two horns on its dragon head!
 — Mmm … okay

Apart from defining cutie’s appearance attributes also define its power levels. There are common attributes that don’t give much of boost and the rare ones that make your cutie stronger than others.

That’s why discovering a new rare attribute is such a big deal. You can’t just accidentally get it. It is a long and thorough research process.

The results of new attribute discovery create a small monopoly for the successful breeder to benefit from.

Just yesterday we were discussing people breeding epic cuties with the complete set of dragon attributes. But there was one attribute none of the cuties had. Until yesterday. Yesterday someone achieved a major breakthrough.

Clayton Crypto aka Dragon Food discovered the WaterDragon attribute!

Here is the only lizard in the whole cutieverse that has it:

🐉💧WaterDragon DragonLike!!! by Dragon Food

This is a rare and powerful attribute: +3 air, +2 water and 5% experience bonus are not a joke.

But how?

Breeding is a game of logic, mathematics and a bit of luck. Both of the water dragon’s parents were complete dragons.

Here are their attributes:

Curiously, even though the water dragon has made several children none of them inherited the attribute. There is still only one water dragon in the whole game.

We are super excited to see how Dragon Food will play the market with this.

Congratulations Dragon Food on discovering water dragons!

This is just what this dragon-loving community needed right now.

Cutieneers, what do you think will happen to this new attribute? Will we see more water dragons soon?

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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