New Tribute Cuties Are Almost Here!

Breeding tribute cuties is one of the favorite cutieneer challenges ever.

Tribute cuties are unique looking pets hidden in the game. Only a specific combination of genes can get you one in the process of breeding. You can view all the tribute cuties discovered in the game here.

And we are here to present you a new trial of your breeding skills.

Not all the races had their tribute cuties before and this is about to change. Get ready because we already started choosing secret genome sequences for the brand new tribute cuties.

And the art is already here!

Please welcome the sneak peeks for each of the races!


Because Vinnie tribute needs a friend.


Some genome experiments are way too dangerous


Because all those hero foxes deserve an adorable love interest


Because someone has to be shyer than Professor Needles.

Cutieneers, there will be about 10 new tribute cuties hidden in the game very soon.

Prepare your red potions! The love party is about to begin.

This is a direct challenge to #LightDragonFoodAgency ;)

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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