New Tribute Panda Is Here!

Cutieneers, did you think we will stop creating tribute cuties after our latest addition?

Tribute cuties are unique looking pets hidden in the game. Only a specific combination of genes can get you one in the process of breeding. You can view all the tribute cuties discovered so far here.

No way! We will continue adding more and more hidden gems to the Cutieverse.

And this time it is on the bear side. Panda side, to be exact.

In pop culture pandas are seen as clumsy an adorable fluff balls. But in Blockchain Cuties they are also fierce warriors and style icons.

The prime example of this is our first panda tribute — Po.

4ENERGY+1EARTH+1WATER by deathvirus

And now we are presenting a completely new tribute panda. It is already hidden in the game for you to find.

It was inspired by an absolutely over the top character.

He has cool tattoos, wears socks with sandals and has a face to match it all.

Please welcome Yakuza Panda!

One of the few cuties wearing socks, shoes and underwear.

This panda not only looks threatening, but also has a golden attribute of a major strenght.

Good luck, Cutieneers! We can’t wait to see who breeds him first!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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