New Way To Sell Cuties?

Last week we discovered people trading cutie eggs on the market. For a moment we hoped it was Eggbert, but it was an unhatched cutie being sold.

Egg by Feito

Is it even a possible to sell an egg?

No! Normally the market accepts only hatched cuties.

But cutieneers are super creative people. Why wait if you can sell it right away?

And if you think about it, buying an egg instead of a hatched cutie ads an element of surprise to the whole process. You can view the genome and attributes, but there is almost no way to exactly picture what the cutie will be like.

Our community is not only creative but also filled with the likes of Sherlock Holmes (in a good way).

Yesterday the mystery of “How do you sell eggs?” was solved by our leaderboard star — Michèle. She shared the secret recipe on Telegram.

We will refrain from citing it here. But let’s just say it is super sneaky.

We are thinking of correcting this hilarious bug and not allow eggs on the market. But should we? Tell us what you think!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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