Professor Needles “Gives Birth” To a Girl

Do you remember Professor Needles? He was the one who helped to investigate the mystery behind the aliens who fell from the skies.

After one of the main puzzles of Cutieland was solved Professor decided to take a break. It was the Valentine’s Day season after all. So there was hope for love.

Unfortunately for Professor Needles, his breeding manager was kind of a jerk. So the little hedgehog didn’t get to breed at all. Nevertheless Professor Needles is not the one to give up easily. While Cutieland was drowning in kisses and new babies, Professor spent his days researching alien technologies.

Pigs allowed him to take a look at their power suits and other gadgets. And as constant breeding all around Cutieland was distracting, Professor Needles locked himself in his basement with a lot of strange alien things.

After some time Professor managed to understand how everything works. The technology was so advanced, that he figured that he can create something and become a father after all.

After days of hard work, Professor finally had a child — a perfect little girl. As any father would, Professor Needles worked very hard to make her super strong and resilient. So even the raid bosses can’t hurt her.

And she turned out beautiful! He gave her the sweetest name — Lika.

EOS Lika

After Lika opened her eyes, they spent some great quality time together. Professor showed her Cutieland and she fell in love with this beautiful world. The only thing that troubled Lika, was the fact that, if there is a real threat to Cutieland, some goofballs with fly swatters will not be able to protect themselves. Especially the likes of Mr. Lumpchump.

So she asked for a sister. And then another one. Before Professor was able to escape he produced eight more copies of his little girl.

Now a small army of cyborgs is waiting for someone to lead them into battle on the unique cutie sales page.

ETH Lika

Cyborg Lika has a unique appearance, awesome battle abilities, and the following bonuses:

  • power of 4 (1 for 1st level, 1 for nobility, 2 for being unique);
  • raid boss bonus of 5;
  • luck bonus of 4% for being a cat;
  • luck bonus of 12%;
  • evasion bonus of 12%;
  • experience bonus of 50%;
  • strong at earth element +2;
  • strong at fire element +4

Only 9 cyborgs are available and they are selling fast. Don’t miss out on your chance to get one!

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