Professor Needles Is At It Again!

The Tavern Adventure changed a lot of things in Cutieland.

A perspective of being matched with the most powerful cuties in the game left the pigkind scratching their bellies.

More than other pet kinds pigs tend to put forward champions to protect them. We already discussed the jagged wild boar that recently joined our game.

But the pigs decided to go a step further and employ Professor Needles for their new champion project.

Professor has earned his champion-making fame by creating Lika, one of the strongest cats in the game.

Professor Needles has always had warm feelings towards the pigs, especially the ones bringing hugs and chocolate, so he agreed to help them create a new champion. This epic boar was supposed to show everyone in the Tavern that pigs are not to be messed with.

This time Professor decided that he will not create anyone adorable enough to sweet talk him into creating several identical copies of themselves as Lika did. Things need to be serious. And pigs deserve a fearsome new comrade. But only one!

New champion of the pigkind is a custom cutie. And only one will be made.

When it was time to take cutie parts to the robot parts, things took an unexpected turn. No pig wanted to compromise their bodily integrity to become a cyborg champion. Pigs are super body positive kind and resent any augmentations to the awesomeness creator has given them.

But it didn’t stop the professor. The project needed to be funished. The only compromise Professor Needles could find was to gather baby teeth, several broken off nails and tusks as materials for the champion construction. It took a village to create one pig cyborg.

Even though it misses the pudgy adorable nature of a common pig it turned out great.

Now aliens can move over as the strongest cuties in the Tavern. The sigh “Beware of the pigs!” was installed by the professor himself while his new creation stood by.

And no one said a word, because the notice seemed very much warranted. As the new cyborg pig looked like a real threat.

And something about its appearance told cuties that it will be back to the Tavern. Again and again.


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