Russian Government Pushing Against Crypto

It seems that blockchain technology is at the stage when it stopped being a geeky novelty and started changing the world in a very fundamental way. Or at least that’s what the Russian banks thinks of the situation.

Russia has officially started enforcing the law that forbids people and companies to use cryptocurrency.

It would be hard to find and punish the perpetrators, because anonymity is one of the key aspects of crypto. Nevertheless, it is a huge obstacle in furthering crypto adoption as a whole.

So how do they plan to enforce it?

Four major crypto exchanges were banned and the government doesn’t plan to stop in its efforts to exterminate the crypto progress.

Should we be worried that Russian cutieneers will disappear?

We all know how ingenious Russian people are. If they want something they get it. The internet is full of ways to regain control and freedom for individuals. And we will be there to help.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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