S8 Best Adventurers: The Pioneers

Pet e92624, Pet e97028, and Pet e55250 by Viracocha — 82, 82, and 81 wins respectively
Pet m11836 by Viracocha — 39 wins, Pet e79112 by Viracocha — 38 wins, and Pet t189506 by FortuFX — 36 wins
Abyssal Scav, Abyssal, and Nimrod by Cutie_BlockPig — 18 wins each
Lvl 1 by Aquila Scutum — 19 wins, Warboss Circles by sayembara — 13 wins, and Pet e67923 by Tottallou — 12 wins
1💨2⚡1🔥Vecna by Capronicus — 1762 items, Pet m11836 by Viracocha — 1620 items, 💖💖🌈Dash🌈💖💖 by Xyora — 1583 items

Congratulations to the brave heroes!

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