Season III: Cutieland Weather Report

A bit more than a month is left to enjoy season III in Cutieland.

Cutieneers are still super active in adventuring, raiding bosses, and crafting unique Easter rewards.

Four players have left the hundred level mark behind and are moving further and further up the season’s path.

The current top five is:

  1. Rondior — 126 LVL
  2. Spigfun — 113 LVL
  3. Ashe — 104 LVL
  4. Player One — 104 LVL
  5. Sactoken — 99 LVL

Theirs and other Cutieneer achievements were so powerful that Old Man Winter and his minions are losing their hold on Cutieland.

The change in weather

Old Man Winter raid boss was defeated so many times that the blizzard on his background disappeared.


Now the sky is clear, and the snow started melting.


Old Man Winter sure hates that, but there’s little he can do against the Cutieneer forces.

Cuties equipped with the unique gear from Season III get a tremendous advantage against Old Man Winter and his minions.

As more and more Cuties come prepared, much more of them return from the raid victorious.

Plains of Rebirth

The same is true for the season III unique adventure — Plains of Rebirth.

We are almost at the stage when icy mountants will get some warmth and sunshine.

Cutieneer community has already reached the 16th victory milestone and moved the entire community 16 levels further up the season’s path.

On the Plains of Rebirth, brave Cuties defeated Old Man Winter’s minions more than 200 thousand times.

And a bit more victories are needed to change the landscape.

We think that this or early next week, the Plains of Rebirth will see their first ray of sunshine, and the snow will start melting.

You’re doing amazing Cutieneers! The winter is almost banished.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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