Season V: It’s Almost Over

We’re in the last days of season V!

The fight against ice monsters and demons is almost over. Cutieland will soon bask in the warm light of spring, and the bright colors will fill the world.

Some alarmists say that the demon sword has been reforged, but inhabitants of Cutieland hope those are just rumors. Because if that’s true, the last days of winter will become bloody.

Look out, Cutieneers! You never know if the challenge is over.

Finishing the season

Once the season’s timer runs out, the usual grace period will begin.

You will still be able to claim your season rewards and craft season gear after the timer runs out.

But you won’t be able to earn season points in events adventures after the season’s end.

Behind the scenes

Last week has been crazy with preparations for the next event and all the functionality we’re preparing for $BCUG. There are so many things coming this spring, it’s becoming a bit overwhelming.

But as you know, the team slowly but surely will release every awesome piece of content for you to enjoy. So make sure to watch out for the news.

Many partner events are coming this spring, including today’s AMA with DeFi Naut.

There’s also one more season update we’re planning to launch before the end of the winter event.

Season’s Top

The changes in the season’s top raised a lot of eyebrows.

We have a new leader!

N3RDSLAY3R went from eighth to first place in just a week!

Congratulations on topping the season!

It’s the first time anything like this has ever happened. We’ve never seen someone climb so fast at the very end of the race. It’s mindblowing!

Meanwhile, Phadeout and Refrim are still fighting on who will finish in seventh place. This week, Phadeout took over.

And one of the veteran Cutieneers — epic breeder Dragon Food is back in the top 10.

Welcome to the winner circle! We missed you.

The current top is:

  1. N3RDSLAY3R — LVL 406
  2. Bongman — LVL 382
  3. Sayembara — LVL 356
  4. Corleone — LVL 339
  5. Soulsoup — LVL 329
  6. Capronicus — LVL 326
  7. Phadeout — LVL 321
  8. Refrim — LVL 318
  9. Dragon Food — LVL 304
  10. Tottallou — LVL 303

Finishing this season strong!

Season Pets

Ice Monster

A crowd of Ice Monsters joined the game last week.

20 new ice golems are running around Cutieland!

It’s a record number for the season.

There were all kinds of new monsters. But only one joined in its final form.

Cutie by Ronidor

Congratulations to Ronidor and other lucky owners!

Ice Demon

Since the last week, many new Ice Demons entered the game.

Now, there are eleven!

The new beasts are gaining power and experience super fast.

Congratulations to all who managed to get the final hero in their fold!


No Skadis appeared in the game.

Fingers crossed, someone manages to pull out the lucky token before it’s too late.

Remember, the only way to get Skadi is to be among the best damage dealers in her raid.

Ingredients market

The end of the season is an interesting time on the market. Two opposing forces make the situation super volatile. People that want to finish season crafting, but lack the ingredients and people who want to get rid of season items they will no longer need.

As a result, most prices fall, but the demand for some of the commodities is still there.

The prices of Ice Crystals fell significantly on all blockchains, and the demand is slowly fading away.

Obsidian Glass probably had one of its final spikes in demand while prices kept falling.

Prices for Shiny Pearls fell on some blockchains and increased on others. The demand is fizzling out, but it’s still there.

Dragon Scale prices remained stable on TRON but fell on other blockchains. Demand decreased but there’s still hope for this commodity.

Demon Blood is also experiencing highs and lows in its demand, while prices grow on some blockchains and fall on others.

A new commodity — Corrupted Magic Dust is trying to find an optimal price on the market, but there’s still almost no demand.

We hope you will enjoy the remaining few days of the season!

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

Click here to start playing!

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Originally published at on April 6, 2021




Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

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