Season VI Play-To-Earn: Hot Shop Arbitrage

In our previous posts, we promised to discuss more play-to-earn strategies that you can use in-game.

Many new opportunities arose with the new season, and in this post, we will discuss one of them.

Store/Market Arbitrage

One of the popular play-to-earn strategies in the game involves buying items in in-game stores and selling on the items market. It requires some market price monitoring and sometimes even switching among blockchains to maximize profits.

New in season

One of the key updates of Season VI is Hot Shop. A brand new in-game store.

Hot Shop is unique because of its dynamic prices. With more demand, the item price grows in small increments while items with lower demand decrease in price.

Hot Shop operates on Offchain Currencies, so you don’t have to pay any transactions fees during your shopping.

How to Hot Shop/Market Arbitrage

Hot Shop offers season’s items on ETH, TRX, and Matic.

Hot Shop prices are dynamic, and it’s a good idea to check for bargain deals and opportunities from time to time.

For our example, we will explore Red Monolith Loot Box on TRON.

Its price in the shop is 2.98TRX.

Currently, there are 14 offers on the market for this item.

On TRON, the average price for 1 Red Monolith Loot Box is about 196 TRX and the lowest is 6.8 TRX.

There’s clearly an opportunity here.

What’s more, there’s also demand.

Since the beginning of the season, this item was bought 14 times, with a total of 32 boxes sold.

The average price for the lot was 15.4 TRX, and the average price for the item was 6.74 TRX.

That’s more than 2x of the Hot Shop’s price!

There might be even more opportunities among offers and purchases on other blockchains for cross-blockchain arbitrage.

It’s all about spotting opportunities and acting quickly.

To help you with your analysis, here are the latest Hot Shop item stats from the market:

We hope you got inspired to try this out.

Good luck in the market, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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