Should We Just Quit After This?

We love our dragons in Blockchain Cuties. They are like lizards taken a step further.

And there also are the raid boss dragons. Those are the guys we love to hate.

Except for Khuzayma the Generous.

He made up for all his cutie defeating shenanigans with a gift shower.

The most common dragon in the game is the DIY Bone Dragon. We have more than 60 now.


While the most popular Unique Cutie ever is Lord Ash.

You probably wonder where this is going. Did they have a baby? Well … perhaps at some point, this happened or will happen. Breeding is wild around these parts. But this is not what this article is about.

People love dragons. And people love Dark Souls inspired cuties. This is a fact.

So one of the fellow cutieneers had an idea. And won our Custom Cutie auction.

PhadeOut just felt that:

something is really missing in the Cutie world

His love of Dark Souls, dragons and cuties brought us something ultra epic. This was one of the ideas we were super excited about.

So there was a serious process of perfecting this Custom Cutie.

It was a major labor of love for me. — PhadeOut, Fellow Cutieneer

As always with Custom Cuties, we believe that more is more. So epicness went through the roof.

So when we saw the result of his work with our artist …

I am deceased and cremated! This is everything!— Me, Content Manager, Blockchain Cuties

This is it!

Sneaky peeky

The Dragon Knight will soon join the game.

Praise The Artist!
Congratulations PhadeOut on getting yourself this jaw-dropping cutie!

Good thing we have battle pairing by power lever. Or things could get too Dark Soul-ish.

Honestly, we are not sure if anything can top that. But Cutieneers have always surprised us in the best way possible.

If you have a great idea, head on to the Custom auction and you might win yourself a chance to make it a reality.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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