Take a Guess and Win a Unique O3 Bunny on NEO

It’s been some time since we talked about NEO blockchain. It’s a dark horse of this game. While we pay attention to ETH insane transaction costs and all the extravagance of TRON, NEO’s side keeps growing.

There are more than twelve thousand Cuties who live on NEO. And Blockchain Cuties Universe is one of the most popular games on this blockchain.


It’s safe to say that NEO has a future in Cutieland and we will see their Cuties in the coming wars.

How to play on NEO?

A good way to play on NEO is by using our internal wallet.

But there’s an even better way — using O3 wallet.

Check out our NEO player guide here.

About O3 wallet

O3 wallet is a leading multi-asset blockchain wallet, an easy gateway to the Smart Economy.

O3 Wallet allows you to securely store, send and receive NEO, GAS, ONT, ONG, or any NEP5 Token.

Your private key is securely stored on your phone or computer protected by your device’s security passcode. It never leaves your device.

You can use O3 to play Blockchain Cuties Universe both on mobile and desktop.

Download O3 here.

O3 giveaway

We are super excited to partner with O3 to give away some adorable Cuties.

Please welcome O3 bunny!

We will give away 15 such bunnies (NFTs on NEO blockchain) to 15 randomly selected people who will meet the conditions below.

How to win your bunny

To win this bunny you will need to guess the secret item he is holding in his paw.

What does O3 mascot carry with him?

Is it a sword? A gun? A broom? An umbrella?

Take a guess and join the giveaway.

To join the giveaway you will need to:

1. Retweet this tweet with a comment that includes

  • a link to your Blockchain Cuties account
  • your O3 public Wallet Address
  • your guess about the special item the O3 bunny is holding

2. Follow our friends @O3_Labs on Twitter

Here’s an example of a valid entry:

We will announce winners on our Twitter on 25th of September 2020. Until then, you can tweet your reply and join the giveaway.

Join the giveaway here:

Good luck, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

Click here to start playing!

Check out the latest news in our publication and make sure you follow us on our social profiles like:

and here — on Ⓜ️ Medium for more updates.

Originally published at https://blockchaincuties.com/blog/take-a-guess-and-win-a-unique-o3-bunny-on-neo/ on September 18, 2020




Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

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