Take Off: Cutie NFT And Item Market Overview

We are super excited to welcome you to the first market overview since the beginning of season 7.

Both Cutie NFT and items markets have exploded, as the Cutieneer community started harvesting the resources of the inferno plane.

Blockchain Cutie NFT Sales

Demand for Cutie NFTs started a steady growth trend. It seems that people need fresh warriors to fight and new genes to breed.

During the last week, 514 Cuties got sold — an increase of 10% compared to the previous week.

Here’s how it went day by day:

Most blockchains experienced a boost in NFT sales. Even the insanely expensive Ethereum.

  • EOS — 231 Cuties sold (↑7%)
  • HECO — 40 Cuties sold for an average price of 1.26 HT (↑67%)
  • MATIC — 59 Cuties sold for an average price of 1.77 MATIC (↓26%)
  • NEO — 3 Cuties sold for an average price of 0.20 NEO (↓50%)
  • TRON — 179 Cuties sold for an average price of 66.91 TRX (↑26%)
  • ETHEREUM — 2 Cuties sold for an average price of 0.002 ETH

In terms of sales by species, there are some brow-raising dynamics. For example, bears (↓14%) and foxes (↓66%) lost a lot of sales compared to the week before. Meanwhile, dogs (↑32%), hedgehogs (↑68%), and lizards (↑72%) jumped in popularity.

Buyers switched to more experienced fighters, but still prefer Gen 2 and 3.

Blockchain Item Sales

Last week, Cutieneers sold 1 049 item lots (↑55%) containing almost 100 thousand items (↑153%) in the blockchain items market.

Since the start of the season, EOS and TRON have benefited the most.

  • EOS — 316 item lots sold (↑68%)
  • HECO — 79 item lots sold for an average price of 0.07 HT (↑30%)
  • MATIC — 171 item lots sold for an average price of 0.28 MATIC (↓4%)
  • NEO — 22 item lots sold for an average price of 0.03 NEO (↑10%)
  • TRON — 460 item lots sold for an average price of 11.70 TRX (↑100%)
  • ETHEREUM — 1 item lot sold for 0.0002 ETH

The most popular items were:

  1. Adventure Potion — 318 lots sold
  2. Regular Toolkit — 102 lots sold
  3. Magic dust — 53 lots sold
  4. Cloth Hanger — 36 lots sold
  5. Grand Adventure Potion — 32 lots sold

Most item kinds got a boost in sales, but purchases of miscellaneous (↑114%) and elixirs (↑71%) skyrocketed.

In terms of rarities, the growth leaders are:

  • Common (↑ 63%)
  • Rare (↑ 74%)
  • Uncommon (↑ 60%)

Here’s the structure of last week’s demand for items:

Offchain Item Sales

During last week Cutieneers made:

  • 552 buy orders (↓5%)
  • 1544 sell orders (↓12%)
  • 578 purchases on sell orders (↓0%)
  • 757 sales on buy orders (↓58%)

Offchain TRON remains the go-to place for trade, and it seems that the entire market growth is happening on this blockchain alone.

  • oEOS — 72 deals 15.51 EOS
  • oETHEREUM — 22 deals 0.0002 ETH
  • oHECO — 43 deals 5.16 HT
  • oMATIC — 241 deals 25.67 MATIC
  • oTRON — 957 deals 9504.89 TRX

Most popular items in buy orders:

Here’s the structure of executed buy orders:

Most popular items in sell orders:

Here’s the structure of executed sell orders:

Stay tuned for more reports on Cutieland’s markets!

Happy trading, Cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring, and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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