The Battle Of TRON

To tell you the truth, reading a couple of thousand of chat messages was not the way we planned to start Saturday morning. But here we are. With all the details, rumors and facts.

The TRON update happened, but boy was it a bumpy ride.

Sneaky Conspiracy Department recruits have access to developers skype chat, so we could see everything go down last night.

And it was a wild party. Developers fought like Jedi knights in pre-Disney episodes.


Blockchain game development is tricky. It might work perfectly in the testing environment but turn on you the minute it goes live.

It’s very similar to planning a date. It goes perfectly in your head. First the flowers, then the dinner, then jokes and fun,and then stick them with the pointy end.

But in reality, you panic, fall face down into your dinner, stick them with flowers and then make an awkward joke about it. And now you have to fix all of this because your wedding is already arranged and paid for. No going back. But your date is pissed and wants to fight you. You have to defend yourself, but still be nice to your future spouse and make all of this work somehow.

That’s about the best way I can explain what went down in the dev’s chat yesterday. The team fought through the night until the late Saturday morning.

We are super grateful that the cutieneer community supported us through this challenge.

Thank you for your patience, you’re the best community any game can have — Vladimir Tomko, CEO, Blockchain Cuties

This was a wild ride. But now most of the work is done and Blockchain Cuties are running on three blockchains. First in the industry.

We still need to address a couple of issues and resolve el scandalo with Mother Creator. We will report on it as soon as we get all the details for you.

Right now players are super busy trading, breeding and adventuring so the situation can be summarised as:

Still a few bugs to squash but in pretty good shape. Still some things to be added. — Linda CoinInfo, Fellow Cutieneer

We hope you are enjoying the journey and once again we thank you for being such an supportive community.

P.S. We will start sending the giveaway prizes very very soon. Just need to get a hold of a developer who survived yesterday.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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