The Cat Is For Sale

Cutieneers, we are about to do something absolutely scandalous.

We are at the stage when the game needs to step up to another level. We will not become the game No 1 in the crypto space if we continue like this.

We need to fuel some explosive growth in the gameplay department.

But we promised our players to limit the unique sales, so there is no easy way to fund the additional resources we need. This is why we decided to sell the cat.

Koté the face of Blockchai Cuties

Yes! Koté himself is out for grabs!

The cutie that started it all, a true piece of the blockchain gaming history.

It is very exciting to put him on the market and in the game itself.

Koté’s special prize

As always, Koté marks the beginning of the new era. The official opening of Cutieland!

Koté is the first ever land owning cutie. Which means that whoever buys him will get an exclusive premium city location for free. And they will be the first one to pick their territory in Cutieland. Basically, Koté carries a VIP ticket to the lands pre-sale for the very first place in line.

You can find all the details here:


As a result of this sale we plan to raise some funds to fuel a leap in Blockchain Cuties growth and bring this game to a whole new level. And we also plan to share the proceeds with a local charity.

10% of the revenue from Koté’s sale will go to an animal shelter in Latvia to help real-life cuties. Summer is coming and it is a perfect time to invest in some renovation works and help to make a difference.

How valuable is Koté?

Koté is the mascot of Blockchain Cuties. His little face is all over the place and is instantly recognizable by thousands of people worldwide. And as the game grows Koté will become even more popular.

Is Koté expensive?

Yes. It is the most expensive cutie we have ever made.

Is Koté worth it?

Koté is not a super fighter, he is a regular cat. This sale is not about the next best thing. It is about the character himself and the purpose behind it.

Check out the sales page here:

Cutieneers, how do you feel about us selling THE cat?

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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