The End Is Near

Even in Cutieland good things come to an end.

But we will always replace the things that need to go with even better ones.

This is the message for all those who love to start grinding at the last possible moment.

Event ending

Valentine’s Day adventure is ending tomorrow. So it’s your last chance to get these items:

And the special extra lovable cutie:

Cupid cat

Youth potion

Another thing disappearing tomorrow is the elixir of youth.

Elixir of youth — reduces the generation of your cutie by one point. For example, gen 2 cutie after drinking it becomes gen 1.

After the 7th of March, these potions will be no longer available in adventures.

We have about 24 hours to fill our pockets with youth elixirs and chocolates!

Good luck, cutieneers!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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