The Future of Blockchain Cuties

Now that the Valentine’s Day event is over, you are probably wondering what will happen next.

There is a considerable time past since the last patch notes.

Most of you know that we are planning the smoothest launch of a very important feature.

Mass sending

Mass sending of your cuties on adventures is just around the corner. We are heavily testing the feature that will bring our players the new level of comfort.

Group sending will be launched in the coming weeks.

We are also considering the change that will happen in the item market once the feature is out. Players with larger armies will have a very distinct advantage over others. Some strategy adjustment will need to be made.

To be ready for the major increase in battles you can check out the changes in the battle matchmaking formula:

If you checked out our public roadmap, you might have noticed that there are another type of creatures that will be joining the fight for treasures.


Mercenaries are hired cutie warriors that will go to adventures and bring you treasures, for a fee. It is a unique game mechanic that will bring additional depth to the game.

More details will be revealed next week, so stay tuned. ;)

And of course, there will be a new special event. We will give you more details on it in our future posts.

Thank you for being with us through all of the turbulence on our way to the moon.

Cutieneers, which new feature you can’t wait to see? Mercs, mass sending or the new event? Let us know in the comments!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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