The Girliest of TRON’s Cuties

We think everyone can agree that custom cuties are wonderful. Each new one is a surprise and a cause for celebration.

Custom cuties are creatures made by materialising your wildest ideas and dreams in a form of a unique cutie. You can get one if you have an awesome idea and win an auction on the custom sale’s page

Most of the custom cuties live on game’s ETH side. From the fearsome dragon knight to our adorable Lucy the astronaut cat.

While TRON’s side is dominated by three Justins.

No surprise there

It all changed on Valentine’s day. A special cutie was born and immediately blew up our Instagram.

It was inspired by the most magical being ever. A unicorn!

And it turned out to be the girliest cutie to date.

It is completely pink, guys! And the dress is the definition of adorable.

Congratulations, Light, on your new baby! We hope you love it.

Looking forward we think that the girliness trend will continue, because even goblins started wearing gowns to fit in.

If you want a custom cutie designed for you, just visit us here and make a bid on an action!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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