The Pigs of Cutieland

It has been a little more than a month since cute little piglets settled in Cutieland.

Cutieneer community embraced them with open arms and now we have almost two thousand pigs. It seems like a lot, but pigs are still a minority in Cutieland. Little more than 2% of cuties are pigs. And according to market research every fourth pig is super sad about that.

While the lizards are almost 30% of the population. So every 50th cutie you will meet is a pig, and almost every third is a lizard.

One of the keys to lizard success was the discovery of strong and rare attributes in them. It feels like Cutieland is run by several adorable and powerful little dragons.

But pigs have some hidden power too!

The rarest pig attributes are still there for you to find:

But the cutieneer community is not without some success in pig breeding. There are several adorable attributes already in the game.

Samurai Pigs

There are only six of them and those determined faces and ponytails are super cute.

Samurai attribute has the following bonuses:

Half Tusk Pigs

Only 13 cuties sport a single playful looking tusk. We are not sure what happened to another one, but it’s definitely a look.

HalfTusk attribute has the following bonuses:

P.S. Most of the pigs don’t have tusks and about 15% have both tusks present.

Pigs with Hairy Ears

We can’t say why hairy ears look so adorable on piglets, but they do. It gives them a very lively look. There are only 32 such piggies in the game.

Hairyears attribute has the following bonuses:

We love how different the piglets are becoming as a result of the cutieneer breeding experiments.

We can’t wait to see new and rare attributes discovered!

Cutieneers, do you think pigs will ever reach the glory of the lizards?

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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