The Race For Cutie 50 000 Is Officially Over

We were quite surprised at how fast it all happened. Less than a month ago we announced the race to cutie 50 000.

We made the 50 K cutie inside our lab, but didn’t realize it would have to be launched so soon.

So cutie 50 000 was born like a regular adorable purple lizard.

But as soon as developers wake up the magic happens. Little regular lizard got a 50K makeover!

Look at it now!

Plaxus Reptilios L by Gkhome$

This is one epic cutie! It has undergone major changes in its life.

Congratulations, on your awesome new cutie, Gkhome$!

With this kind of growth, we will have to become more creative with the next milestones.

Cutieneers, tell us what you think! Which number should be next?

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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