This New Achievement Reward Is Smoking

Achievements are a lot of fun. Both when you work towards a goal and when they creep up on you as a pleasant surprise.

In Blockchain Cuties we have a big set of cute badges you can win for completing specific game objectives. Each achievement earns you a badge you can display on your profile and a pawcoin or item reward.

We have been working, adding and perfecting this for some time. And now we decided to take it a step further and create a super high-level achievement.

With an amazing grand prize to win!

For the first time in Blockchain Cutie’s history, we turn things upside down for a brand new achievement. Meaning it’s not your cuties who will bring you the achievement, but the achievement will bring you a brand new special cutie.

Yes! One of the new achievements will have a special cutie created for you as a prize.

Please welcome Mr. Bearish the Trader Bear.

It is an eco/bio/super pure version of Bear’O’Bull we sold on TRON presale. No additives or genetical modifications. Just a 100% natural trader bear.

How do I get one?

Here are some hints:

  1. To get Mr. Bearish, you have to think like Mr. Bearish
  2. Mr. Bearish likes ETH
  3. Mr. Bearish is a bear market player
  4. Mr. Bearish is heavy and confident
  5. Mr. Bearish’s lucky number is 5
  6. Mr. Bearish counts his money once a week

We can predict that Mr. Bearish will be a very rare cutie, due to its achievement prerequisites.

Good luck, cutieneers! We hope you will get one if you enjoy rocking the bear market.

Cutieneers, who do you like better Mr. Bearish or Mr. Bear’O’Bull? Let us know in the comments!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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