Tribute Cuties Are More Challenging on TRON

Tribute Cuties are a great part of the game. Those are the only cuties that can be bred and sold only by players. It is a great challenge for everyone to profit from their knowledge of genetics.

Tribute cuties are special cuties that represent pop-culture characters. There are more than 30 types of them hidden in the game.

Breeding between game’s different blockchains is not yet possible, which means that each part of the game is on its own in terms of breeding tribute cuties. Each blockchain represents an individual ecosystem and it’s very interesting to watch what happens.

We were super excited about the first ever tribute cutie found on TRON. It was Umka the Polar Bear born from the most unlikely couple.

Shortly after that, another tribute popped up. It was the Dalmation.

FIRST and ONLY Dalmation by Dentamme
Congratulations, Dentamme on your unique find!

As Dalmation was already discovered on ETH side, we decided to sit back and watch what happens with it on TRON.

As Dalmation is considered one of the easy to breed tributes, we were expecting to see more than a hundred on the TRON’s side very soon and have a good laugh about it.

To give you some context, after the first ETH Dalmation was born on 14th November 2018. After thet we had more than five hundred such cuties born in the last three months. It is about 5–6 Dalmations a day.

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This was a crazy time to be in the game! Tributes kept coming and coming

So we were ready to see the TRON side drowning in adorable spotty puppies. But we were dead wrong!

This puppy remains the only Dalmation tribute on the TRON side and Dentamme is wisely hodling it and trying to replicate the discovery!

Let’s look at TRON’s only Dalmation more closely.

This delightful puppy comes from this adorable couple:

Has an impressive amount of attributes, including the golden one for being a tribute cutie.

What is also interesting, TRON’s only Dalmation has 21 children so far and they mostly resemble their grandparents.

Let’s just say genetics is a hard game and it’s not getting easier. But you still manage to rock it!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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