Tribute Discovery Streak

Just recently we celebrated the birth of a Lion King who was bred following a mere genome hint. And now the same team claimed two more tributes.

Tribute cuties are unique looking pets hidden in the game. Only a specific combination of genes can get you one in the process of breeding. You can view all the tribute cuties discovered in the game here.

Please welcome a brand new discovered Gena the Crocodile!

Gena by Dragon Food

Gena was born to this adorable couple:

Those were happy lizards until they saw what has come out of the egg

Gena is a special cutie that has a unique look and a special golden attribute.

That’s quite a powerful attribute

The Story of Gena

Gena the Crocodile tribute cutie is inspired by a character from a Soviet puppet cartoon made in the seventies.

The song is about regretting that birthdays happen only once a year

The story of this character is a bit bizarre. Gena was working as a crocodile in the Soviet zoo. He had his own apartment and the hobby of playing rather sad music on the streets.

No one had a problem with that. Until Gena felt lonely and decided to make some friends.

Did he go to a bar? No! He posted ads all around town, so people and animals could come to meet him and be friends.

Unlike others an old Jewish lady felt suspicious about a crocodile looking for company. So she turned to all kinds of nasty pranks to keep Gena away from others.

But don’t worry. It all ended well with Gena making several friends and the lady apologizing for her actions.

Congratulations, Dragon Food and Light! You did it again!

Special Cat Tribute

The second discovered tribute cutie is an homage to all the fat cats out there.

Especially this one:

We believe that cutie is cute at any size.

This tribute cutie is special because it is the only fun sized cutie ever. And it is very appropriate that it was discovered after the chocolate was brought to Cutieland. No cutie can get or stay curvy on the potion diet!

Please welcome Fatty the cat:

Cutie by Light!

It was also discovered by the team of our star breeders Light and Dragon Food.

Fatty has it’s lucky golden attribute:

It was born from this mischievous looking couple:

Congratulations to the breeding dream team!

Tributes are a lot of fun and we hope we will see more of them in the game.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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