TRON’s Cutie Boom

We hope you enjoyed the launch of Blockchain Cuties Valentine’s Day event.

It was nice to see all the excitement and several cuties already rocking exclusive items from the event.

Cutie by ChakraFox

As Valentine’s Day event has a special emphasis on breeding, players quickly realized that TRON’s side of the game is the place to be. There you get your love business done in the most cost-effective way.

Breeding on TRON is heaven — Jochen aka 
Dentamme, The Earth Monster Chieftain

It is no surprise that we are experiencing a cutie boom during the event. But reaching an important milestone exactly on Valentine’s Day was a great gift for our game.

Now we have more than 10 000 cuties on TRON’s side of the game!

Cutie 10K was bred by our OG player and a great artist Cynicallia.

It was born to be a black fox that was lovingly named Hopeless Necromantic.

Hopeless Necromantic by Cynicallia

But wait. Don’t we draw special cuties for such milestones?

Yes, we do!

Ethereum milestone cuties were epic warriors.

But what about the TRON one?

The TRON milestone cutie will experience a great transformation. Probably the first ever cutie to change species.

Please welcome the new look for Mr. 10K!

Now the name Hopeless Necromantic sounds kind of threatening
We will update the cutie on the website super soon.
Congratulations, Cynicallia! We hope you will like the new look of your cutie.

Cutieneers, with such efficiency, do you think TRON’s side will soon surpass the ETH side in terms of the number of cuties?

Let us know in comments!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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