TRON’s First Ever Tribute Cutie Discovered

TRON was integrated very recently and there are a bit more than two thousand cuties on that side of the game.

Imagine our surprise when the first TRON tribute was born so fast and it wasn’t Meh-nni the easy tribute. It was the highly anticipated Umka, the tribute everyone has been trying to breed for months.

Umka :One of the kind by Papa
Tribute cuties are special cuties that represent pop-culture characters. There are more than 30 types of them hidden in the game.

It was great to see Umka pop up all of a sudden on a relatively small player account.

Umka the polar bear is a main character in the old Soviet cartoon. Umka is a brave and curious cub that can make friends anywhere. He is also one of the cutest characters of his era.

Umka and his best friend

Interestingly enough this version of Umka is not a polar bear. And none of his parents are.

None has a PolarBear attribute

However, Umka has his lucky golden attribute and has shown great strength in battles so far.

Congratulations, Papa on your discovery!

This is huge to be the first one to get a tribute cutie on TRON!

Cutieneers, do you think Umka can be easily replicated?

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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