Weekly Crafting Overview: Almost There

General statistics

We see an overall climb in item recycling and production of magic dust as players prepare for the season. Meanwhile, enchantment rates are relatively stable.

Last week:

  • Cutieneers performed 2 627 (↑ 1%) recycling operations
  • 18,4 million (↑ 4%) bottles of magic dust were created
  • 51,280 (↑ 1%) items got recycled
  • 932 (↑ 2%) items got enchanted
  • 587 (↑ 9%) items broke during enchantment
  • 563 (↑ 8%) items got repaired
  • The total recycling to loot ratio was 15.73% (↑ 4%)
Such stability

An average Cutieneer:

  • Recycled 165 (↑ 0.3%) items
  • Enchanted 8 (↑ 9%) items


Last week’s maximum level of enchantment was +4.

Pharaohs Khopesh
Black Metal Bracelet
Hussars Sabre
  • 590 items got to level +1 (↓1%)
  • 190 items got to level +2 (↓7%)
  • 114 items got to level +3 (↑52%)
  • 38 items got to level +4 (↓7%)


Recycling is picking up its speed as Cutieneers grind the junk they accumulated in the peaceful time between seasons. Some Cutieneers even purchase extra forge slots to increase production.

We hope you enjoyed this forge overview.

Good luck with your crafting, Cutieneers!

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