Weekly Crafting Overview: Dust Everywhere

General statistics

These days, the Cutieneer community seems to be focusing mainly on recycling and season crafting. Enchantment has taken a back seat to other plans. The stores of magic dust are still falling but soon might find a way to recover.

In the last 7 days:

  • Cutieneers performed 4,2 thousand (↓ 2%) recycling operations
  • 43,8 million (↑ 31%) bottles of magic dust were created
  • 192 thousand (↓ 3%) items got recycled
  • 580 (↓ 39.3%) items got enchanted

An average Cutieneer:

  • Recycled 404 (↓ 34.9%) items
  • Enchanted 6 (↓ 32%) items

Season crafting

In the last seven days, Cutieneers used 43 (↑ 30%) crafting recipes to create 537 (↑ 32%) season items.

Ahriman’s Wings
Oni Samurai War Banner
Oni Samurai Armor
Infernal and Cursed Soul
  1. Abyssal Nomad’s Helmet — 107
  2. Nimrod’s Mask — 64
  3. Abyssal Nomad’s Bone Blade — 43
  4. Abyssal Nomad’s Armor — 37
  5. Abyssal Nomad’s Pike — 29


Last week’s maximum level of enchantment was +5.

  • 287 items got to level +1 (↓51%)
  • 174 items got to level +2 (↓30%)
  • 81 items got to level +3 (↓9%)
  • 37 items got to level +4 (↑19%)
  • 1 item got to level +5


Cutieneers keep recycling a lot of junk. And lately, it seems that more high-value items are getting shoved into the grinder.

We hope you enjoyed this forge overview.

Good luck with your crafting, Cutieneers!

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