Blockchain Cuties is Partnering with CryptoBots to Bring You New CryptoBot Cuties

One of the key advantages of blockchain games is the full ownership of the in-game assets. In simple terms, it means that developers cannot take away player’s items or collectibles. So as a result the game has a free and secure market.

But what happens when a game ceases to exist? What happens when the developers quit?

In some cases, the game community takes charge, in other cases, all of it can shut down.

Both are rocky roads for everyone involved.

On various occasions and events, blockchain gaming visionaries discussed how in-game assets could transcend the game itself. How rad it would be to bring your WoW armour to, for example, dress your Dark Souls character. Or bring the character you worked so hard to improve to the entirely new gaming universe.

The future!

It would change everything! 
But it’s not the case of today’s post. Thankfully nobody is quitting and no game is ceasing to exist, but the concept of inter-blockchain-game asset valuation is being tested by Blockchain Cuties!

World’s First, again!

Blockchain Cuties and CryptoBots has partnered together to bring you something completely new, awesome and totally exclusive!

CryptoBots is a multiplayer online game based on blockchain technology.
CryptoBots official website
Looking good!

In CryptoBots you can:

  • Collect and trade
  • Manufacture
  • Participate in tournaments
  • Trade Items
  • Recycle existing bots to create new ones

CryptoBots are quite similar to Blockchain Cuties. Except for the recycling part. That is the wildest idea ever.

So what can we offer to the CryptoBots community?

The most awesome terms to join the cutest cryptocollectible game of all time — ability to receive a limited edition FREE CryptoBot Cutie!

How to do it? 
It is super easy. Four steps:

  1. Be sure that you are an existing CryptoBots player, who has at least one CryptoBot asset on his wallet and has registered in CryptoBots prior to Oct 2, 2018;
  2. Head to;
  3. Register/Log in with Metamask/Trust Wallet/BC wallet or use any other appropriate wallet using the same wallet address you have in CryptoBots;
  4. Leave your email* in the registration form (this is obligatory).
* Email address needs to correspond with the one you’ve registered for CryptoBots.

The rest is on us.

We will check your CryptoBots profile and give you one of our three very special, limited edition Cuties.

The distribution rules are simple:

Those who have a Gen 0 or 1 bots will receive a Gen 1 Bot Master Fox Cutie.

Yeah, this one’s based on the non-playable Bot Master — the Creator of CryptoBots

Those who have Gen 2 to 5 bots will receive a Gen 3 CryptoBot Dog Cutie. Apart from players who have received the Bot Master Fox Cutie.

CryptoBot Dog Cutie

And the rest of the players (those who had Gen 6+ bots) will get a Gen 5 CryptoBot Cat Cutie. 
Apart from players who have received the Bot Master Fox Cutie or the CryptoBot Dog Cutie.

CryptoBot Cat Cutie
We will be giving away one cutie per wallet address.

What’s more is that all of the CryptoBots players will receive a special achievement called “Legacy of CryptoBots”, which will grant a sizeable Paw Coin reward.

Tributes are paid, Cutieneers!

The amount of Paw coins you get from the achievement depends on the CryptoBot Cutie you’ve received:

  • 5000 Paw Coins for the Bot Master Fox Cutie (Gen 1);
  • 3000 Paw Coins for CryptoBot Dog Cutie (Gen 3);
  • 1500 Paw Coins for CryptoBot Cat (Gen 5).

If this isn’t a golden hello, we don’t know what is!

We are always happy to welcome new players. And we hope you will enjoy the game. If you have any questions — feel free to ask them in our Telegram group.

Cutieneers, are you ready for the robot era? And what do you think about the recycling concept? Let us know in the comments!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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