Who Are the Cool Kids of Cutieland?

Blockchain Cuties
Nov 21, 2019 · 4 min read

Did you know that you can give Cutie a like? You can and it’s quite fun. Just like showing appreciation for any run-of-the-mill post on Facebook or a YouTube video that you enjoyed.

The like button in the top right corner.

Do you like me?

And you can press it to show your appreciation for the Cutie.


The best way to do it?

The most convenient way to do it is by distributing hearts when browsing the market.

But our favorite time to spread the love for cuteness is when going through battle reports.

If you see a very cool opponent you can click on it and leave this Cutie a heart. Especially if the poor little fur ball lost the battle.

The most common number of hearts for a Cutie right now is from 2 to 5. But there are some cool kids who stand out in the crowd.

Please welcome the top 5 of the most liked Cuties!

These are the top liked Cuties in the entire game. Among all 200 000 Cuties.

5th place and 50 hearts

The fifth most liked Cutie in the game is ETH Kote.

Kote by Blockchain Cuties

Kote is sure he deserves to have the first place but somehow four Cuties got more likes. Preposterous!

4th place and 51 heart

The fourth most liked Cutie is a very famous fox.

Fox in Socks on Blocks of Eth by ChakraFox

This is a classic unique Cutie. One of the first generation of uniques we made.

3rd place and 57 hearts

The third most liked Cutie is the alien.

🥇🥇Alien [Gen 0- Unique] by Gzlee

One of the mightiest Cuties in the entire game and also a representative of the earlier uniques.

2nd place and 104 hearts

The second most liked Cutie is ETH number one.

Cutie 1 by sayembara

This is a very important Cutie. The Cutie who started it all.

1st place and 113 hearts

And who is on the top of the cute chain? You will be surprised.

玛德,怎么是负的 by 陈方红

We guess everyone loves a Cutie that promises to pay you handsomely if you get it.

Community’s most favorite custom Cuties

As for the community’s favorite custom Cuties the cake goest to 👑 💎 3Shadow with 38 hearts.

👑 💎 3Shadow by Spigfun

2nd place with 31 hearts

Our favorite evil dragon!

DDK by VeRychard

3rd place with 28 hearts

We have a couple here. Two amazing Cuties with the same amount of hearts. Don’t they look adorable together?

4th place with 23 hearts

The red-haired aqua lizard is very popular with Cutieneers. It was one of the first Cuties carrying an actual weapon.

🐠Fisho SamFS by Fishojoy (凱)

5th place with 22 hearts

It’s Lucy the first-ever custom Cutie we made! It holds a very special place in our hearts.

Lucy ❤ by risco

We hope you enjoyed this little overview.

Now go give some hearts to your favorite Cuties!

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

Click here to start playing!

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Blockchain Cuties Universe

Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

Blockchain Cuties

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Blockchain Cuties Universe

Blog about the Blockchain Cuties Universe. We cover everything connected to the cutest collectible adventure game on blockchain.

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